How long will it take ?  

We are often asked how long you should allow for your wedding rings to be custom made at no extra cost by

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Naturally it's a personal decision, however, the longer you allow yourselves, the easier the process.

Twelve months in not unusual, with most couples opting for between 4 & 6 months. To help you decide, consider when you are available. If you are free during business hours or early evening 4 months will be sufficient, unless you are choosing elaborate rings, for example hand carved Celtic rings, when you will need extra time.

Should all our meetings need to be held on a Saturday, Sunday or late evening 6/8 months is more realistic as these slots are the most popular.

Allowing plenty of time will prevent you feeling under pressure as there will be many demands on your time and finances as the wedding approaches.

Of course, if you find yourself with just a few weeks we will do our very best to help maybe we have just what you want in stock

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