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The unbroken circle of the ring is an ancient symbol of commitment and traditionally was commisioned to celebrate the birth of a child or mark the first anniversary of the marriage. Nowadays they are also used to commemorate many special events, achievements and milestones in life.

We at Lilley's have been enabling couples to express their love, through our beautiful jewellery, for 45 years. It need not cost a vaste sum to commission a ring that you will cherish forever. We will help you choose an irresistible ring within your budget.

  Eternity rings

When you visit us, by arrangement, during an evening or weekend if necessary, you will be shown stones, of whatever shape you desire, carefully matched, which will then be set into the uniquely crafted ring of your dreams.

There is no presuure or obligation, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  For information on Eternity rings call John or Bee Now....

on 01992 650 150.

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